Full Package
No matter where the venue or  when you need the screening, we provide a full package that satisfies your needs to make your movie screening event a memorable occasion.
HD LED Panel Rental
 Good news! Our HD LED Panels aren't limited to our company use only. We rent them out, too. If you wish to get hold of one for whatever event you're putting together, do contact us. We'll get back to you to make the necessary arrangements.


Inflatable & Fast Fold Screen Rental
These outdoor projection screens are safe, durable and can be speedily set up. Want to try one for your next movie screening event? Give us a tinkle or drop us a line.
Pro Projector Rental
If you wish to take your screening event to next level, check out our Pro projectors. Ideal if you're putting together a mega event, whether media presentation, corporate branding video presentation, sports or broadcast events. The projectors employ the latest technology to ensure your audience get to enjoy ultra screenings


Digital Cinema Package Rentals
Enter DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) Digital Projection System with 3 chip DLP base Projectors delivering the highest output on screen. Customised for large-venue screening of latest movies.



Need a local authority licence to organise a movie screening event but don't want to go through the hassle of applying for one? Contact us for assistance. We would gladly offer you our movie lists to take your pick before assisting you with licensing process.


Planning to Hire Our Indoor/Outdoor Movie Services?

                  Contact us to Get the Best Quote.

Full Package Services

We are ready to provide you a full package service, complete with audio equipment, screen(s) and quality projectors.

If you have  a premium package in mind, then the DCI package would fit the bill,especially if you’re looking forward to screening the latest movies.

If you’re organizing a corporate event, then you could do well to opt for the Pro Package, which includes state-of-the -art equipment.

We would also be willing to assist you  in organising the event by helping you create floor plans, put  up themed decorations, arrange for food trucks and with related matters to ensure your event flows smoothly from beginning to end.

Do contact us for further details.

HD LED Panel Screen Rental

Planning an event that requires a screening during the day? Then our HD LED Bright Panel Display would do the trick to minimise daylight intrusion into any daytime screening.

We provide two types of LEDs - Indoor and Outdoor.

For indoor use the P3 would do a good job while the P5 would manage well in an outdoor environment.

Our LED panels have awesome colour reproduction capabilities and ably support High Definition signals.

Want to rent only the HD LED Panels? You may do so.

We’ll provide all the necessary accessories and assistance for a problem-free LED panel setup.

Panel sizes range from one square metres (1m x 1m) to a maximum of 20ft x 40ft.

We would be glad to recommend a size that suits your requirements and your budget.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Outdoormovies services

Inflatable & Fast Fold Screens

We provide high-quality inflatable and fast fold screens.

Rugged and stable, whether for indoor or outdoor use, our inflatable screens employ state-of-the-art technology to deliver an optimum viewing experience.

Take your pick from 26ft x 52ft , 22ft x 40 ft,  16ft x 28ft and 12ft x 22ft.

Incidentally, we offer the largest screen size in Malaysia, measuring a breathtaking 8m x 16m.

These screens are highly recommended as their structures come with safety-enhanced features to ensure audiences enjoy screenings with peace of mind.

The inflatable screens can be speedily set up and dismantled compared to the ones with truss structures.

Our fast fold screen sizes  range from 15ft x 20 ft, 10ft x 14ft, 9 x12 ft,  12ft x 16ft.

Pro Projector Rental

If you need top end projectors for corporate branding screenings, multimedia video presentations, sports telecasts or other broadcast events, then you should opt for our Pro projectors from big big brands such as Panasonic which come with a wide range of lenses and brightness levels.

Equipped with the latest high-end technology,  they provide ultra-bright projections, operating from a laser base lamp.

Digital Cinema Package Rental

If you’re keen on the DCI Digital Projection Systems  similar to the ones used in cinema halls, we could help you source for them.

They come equipped with 3-Chip DLP Projection systems, delivering the highest visual quality possible on the screen.

Powered by the Doremi Showvault Media Server, they’re capable of playing back JPEG2000 and other compatible DCI-standard media files.

For your information DCI is the required format imposed by the major film studios to be used for screening the latest cinema releases of movies.

Consultation Services

If you wish to screen outdoor or indoor movies and have any queries regarding the same, we’d gladly assist  to clear your doubts and answer your questions.

Advice is offered on such matters as venue selection, suitable movie types, local council approval and movie licensing, among others.

Rest assured that you’ll be given the best consultation to make your event a successful one.

Ideally, we prefer you approaching us at least 30 days prior to your event if you’re holding a medium or large scale event.

"Good job Mr.Johnson and your was a memorable experience for the UMW staff...on behalf of the committee, we would like to thank you for your services...We look forward to working with you again in the future..."

~ Mr. Reza Mokhtar UMW Corporation BHD

"Thank you JMR for assisting us in the recent MCKL outdoor cinema event. Services were very good and setting up of the screen and sound system were very efficient. I sincerely think this company is the best when coming to providing outdoor movie services in Malaysia.." ~ Mr. Elvin Ngu Student Council

~ Mr. Elvin Ngu Student Council