How to Book

Would like to Book a Movie Screening? Check out the information below which help us facilitate the booking process and speed it up.

We would appreciate it if you could contact us with the following details:
1.Company Name and Name of Person In Charge
2.Screening Location
3.Date of Screening(s)
4.Indoor or Outdoor Venue
5.Photo or Layout of Screening Area(s)
6.Number of Screen(s) & Screen Size(s) Required
7.Venue's Maximum Audience Capacity
8.Expected Audience Size
9.Number of Movies Required
10.Number of Screenings Planned
11.Purpose of Screening - Charity, Educational, General Entertainment for Visitors etc. If it's a film festival, what's the theme?
12.Is the Screening to be Included as Part of a Larger, Main Event? If So, Include Details.

Furnishing us comprehensive information on the above, would go a long way towards assisting us to advice you accordingly with a movie screening package that meets your requirements.

Know the rules

If an agreement to hold the screening has been reached, the client should further observe the following guidelines:

Any images or videos or promotional artwork related to screening (s) are required to get the approval from related providers before they are published for public viewing.

Official images must be used unedited. No cropping is allowed. Only proportional resizing is allowed.
Superimposing fonts or images over the original artwork is prohibited.

The phrase 'Free Movie Screening(s)' is not recommended to be used on your final artwork.'Complimentary Movie Screenings' should preferably be used in lieu.

MPAA/LPF film ratings & advisory to be published below the movie image and be visible.

The above information is correct during publication.

Also, the related information is subject to change by the relevant authorities or the first parties without notice.
We are not liable for any loss occuring to any third parties as a result of misuse of the above information without our knowledge.

Should you have any queries relating to any of the above matter, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.

Thank you.