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Treat Your Visitors to an Alternative Cinema Experience

Bring an Outdoor or Indoor Movie to Your Doorstep

How to Hold a Rooftop Movie Screening Without Much Hassle

If you’re planning to hold a movie screening and don’t have access to a hall or open space like a field nearby, why not opt for a rooftop movie screening event? Most buildings have an open area in an upper floor.  Some have upper floors surrounded by business outlets like eateries and convenience stores.. With…
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Foster Community Spirit with Movie Screenings

In a previous article we discussed how shopping malls could organise outdoor and indoor movie screenings to attract a crowd to their establishments. Movies don’t only have the power to attract visitors to a business establishment. They also have a strong ‘crowd hook’ which could serve other organisations and bodies especially for the purpose of …
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Make Your Next Company Annual Dinner a Memorable Affair with an Outdoor Movie Screening

Companies hold annual dinners to show appreciation  for the contributions of their staff for keeping their businesses going. Though these dinners are welcome by the employees, they’re more often predictable affairs – dinner at a hotel ballroom, speeches, followed by music and dance. They mostly become an occasion to forget. One way companies could give…
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How Companies Can Easily and Affordably Organise Movie Screenings to Enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes

More and more Companies are engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes to cultivate a healthy public image which strengthens branding, to gain media coverage and also as a key to attract and retain investors among others. These programmes usually revolve around health, environment and education among others. Movie Shows to Engage the Community While…
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How Housing Developers Can Use Outdoor Movies to Draw Potential Buyers

As you may be well aware, there’s a glut in the property market especially in the cities. Housing projects are developed left right and centre. It seems that every vacant space available in strategic locations sees some form of property development, especially of the residential type. In stategic locations, it’s safe to say some form…
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State-of-the Art Equipment and the Love for the Open Air are Drawing People to Outdoor Movies Everywhere

Outdoor cinema isn’t a recent movie-watching trend. Believe it or not, it has been around for about a century. The Guiness Book of World Records lists the Sun Pictures located in Broome, West Australia as  the Oldest Open-Air Cinema in Operation . This outdoor cinema has been in constant operation since December 9, 1916. That…
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How Shopping Malls Can Easily Attract More Visitors with Indoor Movie Shows

With shopping malls sprouting all around us, it sometimes becomes difficult for visitors to decide which to visit at a particular time.Nearly every shopping mall has the necessary facilities to draw visitors – fast food restaurants, supermarkets or hypermarkets, textile stores and even gaming outlets. One effective way shopping malls attract vistors is through their…
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