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Raise Funds Through Sponsors to Screen Your Next Movie

Bring an Outdoor or Indoor Movie to Your Doorstep

Raise Funds Through Sponsors to Screen Your Next Movie

In a previous post we mentioned how organising a movie screening will help create a sense of community and togetherness in your neighbourhood or organisation.

We also explained how you could put together an indoor or outdoor movie screening to for an event or for fund-raising.

If you’re a non-profit organisation, the cost of organising a movie screening will usually be the main concern.

You would have to pay for space, if you don’t already own one or have  one under your control. Then there’s the cost of equipment rental, licensing and so on.

If you’re a school, college or NGO with limited funds, here are some tips that can help you cover the cost of a movie screening.


There are businesses and organisations willing to sponsor events that are beneficial to the community.

The first thing to do is to ensure that your initiative promises benefits that are beyond your members and association.

For example your movie screening event can be held to assist the poor and needy in cash or kind. It could be, for example, be used to buy furniture for an orphanage or provide medical assistance to an old folks home.

It’s advisable to put your fund-raising plan in writing to be handed over or emailed to a potential sponsor.

Advance Notice

It pays  to provide your potential sponsors with  sufficient advance notice.

Businesses need time to go through sponsorship proposals. They may need to go through an approval process involving officers and managers  who’ll need time to study your sponsorship proposal.

Time Period

Send in your sponsorship proposal at  least a month in advance.

Two months would be better. This is so that you do not have to rush them into making a decision.

Companies would appreciate it if you could give them ample time to decide.

Spell Out Sponsorship Benefits

Most companies would want something in return for extending sponsorship.

Spell the benefits out clearly in your your sponsorship proposal document.

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Examples of benefits may include:brand visibility – printing of company name, on promotional materials like banners, leaflets and so on.

You could also extend complimentary VIP invitations to the sponsor companies to attend the show . The number of invitations would depend on the sponsorship amount and the size of the crowd you’re expecting.

Screen Advertising

Another attractive option to get companies to sponsor your movie screening is by offering them screen advertising.

How does this work? It’s similar to cinemas screening advertisements before the movie begins.

With digital projectors this is easy. Use a program like Powerpoint via your laptop computer.

All you have to do is prepare Powerpoint slides of their company’s  products and services. Companies would surely be pleased to have their businesses promoted to the general public.

The order of the screening could be based on the amount of sponsorship the company has offered. If it’s a considerable amount, you could offer up to 3 slides.

Whatever you plan, try to offer the best value for their money.

Personal Thanks

If you’re emceeing the event or show, you could also thank the sponsors verbally before the show begins. You can even offer a souvenir to a company representative present to maintain goodwill with the company.

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Please also check out our regularly-updated movie list to get an idea on the type of movies to choose for your event.

If you have any questions relating to organising a movie screening or our services, please check out our FAQ page.

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