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How to Put Together a Memorable Family Reunion Movie Night

Bring an Outdoor or Indoor Movie to Your Doorstep

How to Put Together a Memorable Family Reunion Movie Night

What could be more fun than going for a  movie night together with the whole family.?

But then getting all the family members together is quite a task especially if they live in different locations.

Also, there could be senior citizens in the family who may not be fit enough to travel to the cinema, what with the long journey there, with traffic jams. Then there’s the time and energy spent looking for parking space, walking up to the cinema and then squeezing through other patrons for a seat.

If you wish to eliminate all this inconvenience, why not bring a movie show  to your doorstep?

Family Reunion Movie Night at Your Doorstep

Yes, you could hold a family reunion and then round it up with a movie show.

All you’ll need is some space, maybe a backyard or a lawn within your house compound. It doesn’t have to be extra spacious, just large enough for the whole family to sit and watch the movie.

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The main advantage of holding a movie night in your own family backyard is you get to choose the movie of your preference. Yes, you get to choose a movie which is suitable for all members of the family , from seniors to children. 

You don’t get to enjoy this freedom if you go out and watch a movie in the cinema. Most of these movies may not be suitable for them, much less be of interest to them.

Free Consultation

If you plan to hold a movie night in your own backyard during a family reunion, don’t worry about how you would go about it.

We’re ready to assist you.

We’ll take care of all the necessary arrangements, right from the equipment, movie selection and other essentials.

So, do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

We’re ready to hear you out and offer you a free consultation on how you could make your family reunion movie night an occasion to remember.

Quick Tips

Here are some tips on how to organise a backyard family reunion movie night 

If you’ve enough space and family members are willing, you could hold a barbeque or just dine out with tables set before the screen.

This would make the occasion extra special.

Choice of Movie

We have an extensive list of movies in our movie list. Do go through it and pick the one that’s suitable for the occasion. Here’s a tip. As far as possible, go for a movie the family had enjoyed together in the past. This would bring back some fond memories associated with the period.

You would agree that this is a better option that the whole family huddling together in the confines of the living room and watching television.

So, contact us today to make your next family reunion an unforgettable affair.
Meanwhile , you could check out our services which may give you ideas on planning your family reunion movie night. Also, don’t forget our FAQ section if you have any questions you wish to be answered.

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