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How to Organise an Outdoor Movie Screening in a Small Town That Doesn’t Have a Cinema

Bring an Outdoor or Indoor Movie to Your Doorstep

How to Organise an Outdoor Movie Screening in a Small Town That Doesn’t Have a Cinema

Once upon a time, the cinema experience used to be taken for granted all around the country, whether in small towns or big cities.  Cinemas were practically everywhere.

This was before the advent of satellite television and online video channels like YouTube.

Television and Internet

After that, there was no need to go to the cinema if you needed entertainment. You just had to turn on your television and catch a movie. If  you have an Internet connection, you can watch videos. There are thousands of online video platforms that allow you to do so for free.

With such convenience and availability, the demand for movies in cinemas have dropped.

This has led to the closing down of many cinemas, whether in the cities or small towns.

In the cities, the situation isn’t that serious. Cinemas are still in operation, especially in large shopping complexes. There is a large population going for would go for a cinema for a change of experience or just as an outing with the family or their loved ones.

Lack of Cinemas in Small Towns 

This is not necessarily the case with small towns where the population is small.

Cinemas which see the number of patrons dropping have no choice but to close down to prevent further losses.

Enter the Alternative Cinema Experience

Anything repeated  leads to boredom. That’s the case with watching satellite television and online videos.

Outdoor Movies : An Alternative Cinema Experience

People get tired of sitting down on their sofas at home watching television shows or at their desks watching or online videos over their computers..

Before long, they would want a more fulfilling and enriching movie watching experience.

When this happens, they think of the good old days. Days when they could easily watch a movie in a neighbourhood  cinema. Now most of them don’t have a cinema in their neighbourhood. They have to look for one.

The nearest cinema available could be was somewhere they had to travel to,  involving time, energy and money.

The Solution

All is not lost though for these people who don’t have access to a cinema. There’s still hope.

If you’re living in  a small town and don;t have a cinema in your hometown. you could still bring the cinema experience to your neighbourhood.

We are here to assist you.

Yes, you can host on outdoor or indoor movie event in your location and we could work out a package to suit your budget.

An indoor or outdoor movie event is also a good opportunity to bring members of a community together.

It would also be a trip down the nostalgia lane for old timers who have watched outdoor movies in a past era.

New Experience for Children and Youths

It would also be a new experience for children and youths who are used to getting their entertainment through their tablets and mobile phones

All you need to organise a movie show, whether indoor or outdoor, is a suitable location. That location should ideally have electricity supply.

Other than that, let us know your budget. We would advise you from start to finish, including on licensing matters, on how you could successfully put up a movie show.

Movie Selection

We have a list of movies you could select based on the preference of your target audience or on the theme of the event you’re planning to organise.

Check out over movie list to let some ideas.

Should you require other services related to movie screenings, check out our services section.

If you wish to know more about any aspect of outdoor or indoor movie screening, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions relating to organising a movie screening, please check out our FAQ page.

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