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How to Hold a Rooftop Movie Screening Without Much Hassle

Bring an Outdoor or Indoor Movie to Your Doorstep

How to Hold a Rooftop Movie Screening Without Much Hassle

If you’re planning to hold a movie screening and don’t have access to a hall or open space like a field nearby, why not opt for a rooftop movie screening event?

Most buildings have an open area in an upper floor.  Some have upper floors surrounded by business outlets like eateries and convenience stores..

With such an open area, you can easily organise a rooftop movie screening to attract a crowd to your business establishment.

This is especially so if you operate a business around the open area.

All you’ll need is a power supply facility nearby and we’ll arrange for you the rest of the facilities – movie screening equipment to licensing matters and even chairs if you require them for your patrons.

You may also hold a rooftop screening of you’re a condominium dweller.

Condominiums have an upper floor open space, which is usually the pool area, where activities could be held.

If you’re holding a birthday party for a loved one or throwing a wedding donner, you could slot in a rooftop movie screening to delight your guests.

Unique Experience

A rooftop movie screening promises a unique experience  in that you get to watch a movie in the open air under the stars with a view of city lights. Not many get the experience this one-of-a-kind occasion.

If this idea appeals to you and you want to go with it, all you have to do is get the necessary permission and clearance  from your building management to hold the movie screening.

If you are successful in obtaining permission, we’ll do the rest.

Contact us today for a free consultation on how to hold a rooftop movie screening without much hassle and that suits your budget.

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Our FAQ is also available should you need a question answered. If other indoor and outdoor movie services interest you visit this page.

We look forward to assisting you in organising a memorable rooftop movie night.

Image Credits : Stratosphere at The Roof

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