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How to Cover the Cost of Your Outdoor Movie Event Through the Sale of Food and Beverage

Bring an Outdoor or Indoor Movie to Your Doorstep

How to Cover the Cost of Your Outdoor Movie Event Through the Sale of Food and Beverage

This is another post on the topic of raising funds for your movie event.

In an earlier post, we discussed how you could generate funds for your movie screening through sponsorships.

In this post we shall look at how you can raise funds through selling food and drinks during a movie screening.

Providing Refreshments

Food and drinks are a must during a movie screening. This is proven by their popularity in cinema screenings. Very few cinema patrons walk in for a movie without food or drinks.

Food outlets at cinemas do brisk business selling drinks, bites and snacks.

If you’re holding an indoor or outdoor movie event, it’s essential that you provide food and drinks, especially if the screening takes place in a remote location where there aren’t nearby eateries.

Two Ways to Do It

There are two ways you could go about providing food and drinks during a movie show.

The first is you set up your own food stalls. This would be possible if you have a large team to assist you and they’re willing to undertake the responsibility of providing food and drinks.

If you decide to go this route, the first thing you would want to do is find out the type of food and drinks the crowd you’re attracting prefers.

The second way is to outsource the provision of food. This will be explained below.


If there are children, then you would want to make special food arrangements. 

You would want to provide food and drinks that are are creamy and sweet like iced chocolate drink and ice cream. You may even want to include nuggets, French fries and burgers.

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As for drinks you should go for variety – hot cold and sweet drinks.

The main advantage of organising your own food and drinks is you get to enjoy a higher profit margin.

As has been  mentioned, if you have the strength in numbers in your organisation to help out, then you should definitely set up your own food stalls.

Outsourcing Food and Drinks

If this isn’t possible then you could source for food providers, caterers or so to provide food and drinks for your event.

These days there are food truck operators who are more than willing to participate in movie screening events. They would be interested if there’s a good turnout and a demand for their food and drinks.

Of course you would charge a fee for the space they take up for the event.

Advance Notice

Let these operators know of your needs, so that they could prepare accordingly.

Also you would need to notify them well in advance as they would need ample time to prepare for the event.

If they have preset menus, then you would want to request further details on the food and drinks they serve.

They would be willing to email you or text you on their offerings.

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