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How Shopping Malls Can Easily Attract More Visitors with Indoor Movie Shows

Bring an Outdoor or Indoor Movie to Your Doorstep

How Shopping Malls Can Easily Attract More Visitors with Indoor Movie Shows

With shopping malls sprouting all around us, it sometimes becomes difficult for visitors to decide which to visit at a particular time.Nearly every shopping mall has the necessary facilities to draw visitors – fast food restaurants, supermarkets or hypermarkets, textile stores and even gaming outlets.

One effective way shopping malls attract vistors is through their cinemas. However, not all shopping malls are equipped with this crowd-puller.

If your shopping mall, doesn’t have a cinema, you’re not really in a hopeless situation. You could still bring the movie experience to your doorstep to entertain your visitors.

It would certainly give them reason to make a beeline to your shopping mall to catch an entertaining flick each time they hear of a free movie screening.

The Lure of Indoor Movies

While gaming outlets certainly draw the younger set, it can’t be considered to entertain and delight all in the family.

A movie show on the other hand, would captivate all in the family, especially cinemagoing families.

If your shopping mall organises regular movie shows, visitors will have more reasons to hang out before and after shows, thus increasing their visiting duration. This would only serve to benefit the businesses operating there.

Movies Pull Crowds Better than Live Shows

Some shopping malls put down live shows like dances and music shows. While this is commendable, it doesn’t really provide for crowd retention.

Visitors with short attention spans and lack of interest in dances and music shows usually just mill around before making their move..

Movies, especially box office hits are a different kettle of fish. With their captivating imagery and superb sound system and dramatic storylines are guaranteed to captivate even the casual visitor.

Ride the Indoor Movie Trend

More and more shopping complexes are riding the indoor movie trend to cope with competitiors when it comes to drawing visitors.

If your shopping mall is finding ways to increase visitor trafiic, a quick and effective way to do it is by organising indoor movie screenings.

Doing that will create a ‘pull’ you’re looking for in terms of visitors.

You Can Easily Organise an Indoor Movie Show

Organising an indoor movie is not as complicated as you may imagine it to be.

To put it simply, all you need is a reasonable amount of space and electricity supply which as a shopping mall you already have.

All you have to do is choose your preferred movie from our movie list and leave the rest to us.

Yes, we’ll take care of the rest – equipment, screen set up, licensing and other matters related to movie screening.

With decades of outdoor and indoor movie screening experience under our belt, we can work out a movie screening event at your shopping mall according to your available space and budget.

Do contact us for free consultation and advice. Rest assured we’ll assist you in every step of the way to help you draw the extra crowd you need at your shopping mall through indoor movie screenings..

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