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Foster Community Spirit with Movie Screenings

Bring an Outdoor or Indoor Movie to Your Doorstep

Foster Community Spirit with Movie Screenings

In a previous article we discussed how shopping malls could organise outdoor and indoor movie screenings to attract a crowd to their establishments.

Movies don’t only have the power to attract visitors to a business establishment.

They also have a strong ‘crowd hook’ which could serve other organisations and bodies especially for the purpose of  creating a community feeling whether in a social or business setting.

Various ways have been used by associations, businesses and organisations to get people to bond communally. Usually the response isn’t that encouraging. 

These days people seem reluctant to come out and bond with others if there isn’t an attractive enough incentive offered.

If you’re looking towards creating a community bonding  in your organisation, association or group , consider organising a movie screening. More often than not, you’ll get the crowd or gathering you want.

Here are the different kinds of groups and organisations that could benefit from a movie screening.

Youth Groups

As we may all be well aware, movies grab the attention of the younger set. So, if you’re having a tough time getting your group members together, organise a movie screening. Rest assured you’ll see a good turnout.

Movie shows would serve as an excellent outreach and recreational activity for your members.

Public Libraries 

Public libraries should not be limited to reading and borrowing books. If you find attendance at your library wanting, then you could do well to organise a movie screening.

Why not try a monthly movie offering? Space usually won’t be a problem because most libraries have a hall or an auditorium.

Sports Teams

If you team needs to raise funds, try a movie screening instead of organising other tedious and time-consuming events like concerts and live shows. 

Movie shows could also be held as a token of appreciation for your team members to celebrate their achievements. They would certainly appreciate it.

Schools and Clubs

Outdoor movies, opened to the public, could be screened for your school’s or club’s fundraising drive. Select a popular movie from our movie list. With a movie show confirmed, you could get sponsors to donate snacks and drinks. It would be an occasion to remember.

Neighbourhood Groups/ Residents Associations

Want to create a closer bonding between residents in your neighbourhood? Organise a movie screening at an open space nearby and pass the word around.

You’ll not only get to know your neighbours but also enjoy a fun outdoor activity which seldom happens in neighbourhoods these days.

Quick, Easy and Affordable

Organising a movie screening indoors or outdoors is not as complicated as you think. You could do it quickly, easily and affordably. Just drop us a line to discuss your needs. We’ll offer you a no-obligation-to-book, free consultation to make your wish a reality.

Meanwhile check out our services, our movie list and should you have any queries, our FAQ.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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