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Bring an Outdoor or Indoor Movie to Your Doorstep

How to Organise an Outdoor Movie Screening in a Small Town That Doesn’t Have a Cinema

Once upon a time, the cinema experience used to be taken for granted all around the country, whether in small towns or big cities.  Cinemas were practically everywhere. This was before the advent of satellite television and online video channels like YouTube. Television and Internet After that, there was no need to go to the…
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How to Cover the Cost of Your Outdoor Movie Event Through the Sale of Food and Beverage

This is another post on the topic of raising funds for your movie event. In an earlier post, we discussed how you could generate funds for your movie screening through sponsorships. In this post we shall look at how you can raise funds through selling food and drinks during a movie screening. Providing Refreshments Food…
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Raise Funds Through Sponsors to Screen Your Next Movie

In a previous post we mentioned how organising a movie screening will help create a sense of community and togetherness in your neighbourhood or organisation. We also explained how you could put together an indoor or outdoor movie screening to for an event or for fund-raising. If you’re a non-profit organisation, the cost of organising…
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How to Prepare For and Organise an Outdoor Movie Night

Did you enjoy an outdoor movie night and wish to bring the same experience to your doorstep? If so, you may be wondering how you could recreate the same fun atmosphere in a location closer to you.  Whether you plan to hold a movie night for fundraising or as a service to the community, here…
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How Shopping Malls Can Easily Attract More Visitors with Indoor Movie Shows

With shopping malls sprouting all around us, it sometimes becomes difficult for visitors to decide which to visit at a particular time.Nearly every shopping mall has the necessary facilities to draw visitors – fast food restaurants, supermarkets or hypermarkets, textile stores and even gaming outlets. One effective way shopping malls attract vistors is through their…
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