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Bring an Outdoor or Indoor Movie to Your Doorstep

How to Offer Your Visitors the Best Viewing Experience Out of a Movie Night

For whatever reason you’re holding a movie show, you want the best possible viewing experience for your visitors or patrons. You want them to leave with a memorable experience and possibly want them to return for your next show. For that to happen, use these tips to provide your vistors with the optimum movie viewing…
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How to Keep Attracting a Crowd with Weekly Movie Screenings

If you’re holding monthly events at your venue, it’s not easy to attract a crowd to it. It’s true that promoting an event isn’t that difficult these days. What with the Internet and smartphone applications accessible to nearly everybody. Over the Internet, you could promote your event through social media, blogs and so on. With…
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How to Organise an Outdoor Movie Screening in a Small Town That Doesn’t Have a Cinema

Once upon a time, the cinema experience used to be taken for granted all around the country, whether in small towns or big cities.  Cinemas were practically everywhere. This was before the advent of satellite television and online video channels like YouTube. Television and Internet After that, there was no need to go to the…
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How to Cover the Cost of Your Outdoor Movie Event Through the Sale of Food and Beverage

This is another post on the topic of raising funds for your movie event. In an earlier post, we discussed how you could generate funds for your movie screening through sponsorships. In this post we shall look at how you can raise funds through selling food and drinks during a movie screening. Providing Refreshments Food…
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Raise Funds Through Sponsors to Screen Your Next Movie

In a previous post we mentioned how organising a movie screening will help create a sense of community and togetherness in your neighbourhood or organisation. We also explained how you could put together an indoor or outdoor movie screening to for an event or for fund-raising. If you’re a non-profit organisation, the cost of organising…
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How to Raise Funds for a Good Cause with Movie Screenings

If you would like to organise a movie screening to raise funds for a good cause or for a particular objective, here are some ideas to help you do so. Movie screenings are a great way to make money if you do it the right way. This article will help you achieve that aim if…
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How to Prepare For and Organise an Outdoor Movie Night

Did you enjoy an outdoor movie night and wish to bring the same experience to your doorstep? If so, you may be wondering how you could recreate the same fun atmosphere in a location closer to you.  Whether you plan to hold a movie night for fundraising or as a service to the community, here…
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NGOs, Choose a Movie Screening as Your Main Outdoor Community Event

Do you belong to an NGO which organises community events, especially in rural areas? If you do, you’ll admit that a big challenge is bringing members of a community together to attend your event. One of the reasons is because events organised don’t focus on a common interest among community members. They are either too…
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How to Put Together a Memorable Family Reunion Movie Night

What could be more fun than going for a  movie night together with the whole family.? But then getting all the family members together is quite a task especially if they live in different locations. Also, there could be senior citizens in the family who may not be fit enough to travel to the cinema,…
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How to Organise a Floating Screen Movie Night and Provide Your Visitors with a Unique Open Air Cinema Experience

Recently, a beach resort in Texas held a floating cinema screening for the fifth year in a row. Guess what movie they screened. You’re right. They screened Jaws, a well-known thriller familiar with cinemagoers in the 1970s. As you can see below , the screen was erected on a large pool and the moviegoers had…
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